About Rose Tucker

  • Consultant software developer at ThoughtWorks London.
  • MEng computer science graduate from The University of York.

  • I most enjoy developing for embedded systems and mobile.
  • I don’t have any strong preference for particular languages or frameworks. I tend to find that I choose the one that feels right for the problem at hand. I’m not a [Insert programming language here] developer, I’m very much a polyglot developer.
  • I have a strong preference for working closely with business folks and product owners, I would dislike to be in a development team that is very segregated from their stakeholders and customers.
  • I prefer working as part of a cross functional team, and taking a lean approach to development.

  • I love coaching and teaching people coding skills, and often volunteer at events in order to do so.
  • I strongly believe that regardless of money, gender, race, or anything else, everyone has the right to learn. As such, I am always happy to teach those who are willing and am also always happy to be taught.