SuperMaze is an interactive, and customisable, Android wallpaper which turns your background into a maze.

It generates an unlimited amount of mazes, finish one by getting the ball to the coloured tile and you’ll receive a new maze to play. When you only have a few minutes to spare SuperMaze is perfect, no need to load and open an app because it’s already there.

Like NoteMaker, SuperMaze was made in a 12 hour hackathon. When creating the game I opted for a modified Prim’s algorithm to be the driving force behind the maze generation. The screen is split into a grid and the algorithm runs through, removing edges between tiles to make paths. You can find a really good explanation of how Prim’s algorithm can be used for maze generation here. For physics I used Box2D, through the LibGDX library.

Download SuperMaze from the Google Play store here

SuperMaze Screenshot SuperMaze Screenshot